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About the Canada Social Report

June 2015:  Over the past few years, the loss of data in Canada − especially the troubling dismantling of the long-form Census − inspired the Caledon Institute to launch this effort.  As we pointed out in The Case for a Canada Social Report, the implications of this loss are wide-ranging and profound.  Data and evidence form the core foundation for understanding the challenges we face as a nation.  We must protect and preserve as much social data as possible.
Fortunately, the newly-elected Liberal government has promised to restore the long-form Census.  Does this mean that the Canada Social Report will no longer be necessary?  Not at all.  The Canada Social Report provides information that includes, but goes well beyond, Census-based data.  The Welfare Incomes, Social Assistance Summaries and Social Policy Record sections are prime examples.

The Canada Social Report acts as a major portal for social information.  It is a resource for the entire social sector – to give all of us a strong voice and a powerful evidence base for informed policy conversations and the formulation of intelligent policy solutions. 

Despite its name, the Canada Social Report is not a single document.  Rather, it is a compendium of social information. 

Some content takes the form of statistical data that paint a portrait of social Canada – who we are, how many participate in the paid labour market, our average levels of income, and the extent and depth of poverty in the country.  The statistical data also include profiles of selected social programs, annual caseloads and designated benefits. 

Other components of the Canada Social Report are descriptive.  There is a section, for example, that explains the major social programs in the country.  Two additional sections present the social policy record.  They comprise both an historic tracking of federal social programs in key policy domains and new measures announced each month by the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal orders of government.

The Canada Social Report will not be produced as a single manuscript that is published on an annual basis.  Rather, it is a web-based initiative only.  Readers may download the information they require and are asked simply to provide bibliographic reference to the Canada Social Report.

As a living document that will evolve over time, new sections and materials will be added as relevant documents and data become available.  Readers will be notified about these updates on an ongoing basis.

The Canada Social Report is a public document within the public domain.  It is a significant national project.  We welcome your feedback and your support of this vital pan-Canadian initiative.

Send us a link to data and studies.

The Caledon Institute of Social Policy