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Welfare in Canada

These reports focus on the incomes of four different households living on social assistance, commonly known as “welfare.”  They are a continuation of the welfare incomes series published regularly by the former National Council of Welfare.  These reports are produced by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy and are updated annually.  The Caledon Institute committed to continue the data series following the demise of the National Council of Welfare in 2012.  The figures presented in these reports are based on the same methodology used by the Council, thereby ensuring the integrity and comparability of the data series.


Readers may also wish to see Canadian Social Research Links website's "Key Welfare Links" section, which provides detailed information for each Canadian jurisdiction.


See also: Archived National Council of Welfare “Welfare Incomes” series 1989-2009.  The National Council of Welfare did not produce reports in 2010 or 2011, but readers may view aggregate data for 2011 at “Welfare Incomes, 2011 – Canada Social Research Links.”









The Caledon Institute of Social Policy